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he history of co-operation 2000-2006


  • April - Strzelce Krajeńskie played host to a group of several teachers from Aabybro.
  • 23 June - a visit of Danish football team from Gjol
  • 24-27 September - a formal Danish-Polish meeting in Aabybro. The issue of conducting reforms in the public sector in Poland and in Strzelce Krajeńskie was discussed, as well as the Town Hall scheme for the nearest future. The political structures of the Aabybro district were also presented by the Danish side. Furthermore, preventive methods concerning alcohol and drug abuse by the youth were raised.
  • The case of Strzelce Krajeńskie, which reached the county level (the second level of local administration in Poland), was presented.
  • The co-operation between districts against a background of the European Union was presented, as well as the possibilities of obtaining the European Union subsidy.


  • 4 May - "Krajna" - the folk dancers from Strzelce Krajeńskie - visited Aabybro. The group presented Polish folk customs during the National Holiday of Denmark. Jan Prokop - the choreographer of the folk group - was honored with the gold badge of the DanishAssociation of Folk Dancers.
  • 14-18 May - the youth from the High School and from the Public Junior High School in Strzelce Krajeńskie played host to their friends from Aabybro within the framework of the Polish-Danish co-operation. The artistic abilities of the young students were presented during a concert in the local park.
  • The meeting was closed with a campaign called: "Stop! The youth against addictions".


  • 19-21 September - the authorities of both Aabybro and Strzelce Krajeńskie districts took part in another formal Polish-Danish meeting in Strzelce Krajeńskie. The new sewage treatment plant, handed in July, was visited, as well as Spartherm Company, which belongs to the largest producers of fireplace inserts, stoves and cassettes in Germany.
  • The press conference opened the debates on the subject: "Strzelce Krajeńskie on its way to the European Union". Then, Ole Lykkegard Andersen - the Mayor of Aabybro - familiarized the assembled with the benefits that Danes, particularly inhabitants of Aabybro district, received.
  • During the meeting, a plaque commemorating the co-operation of the friendly districts was unveiled.


  • Tenth anniversary of the co-operation
  • The formal meeting in order for the anniversary had been held the day before "KEJA"- the Sailing Song Festival - the tenth anniversary of which was celebrated just then. During the meeting, the three representatives of Aabybro received occasional medals and the district of Aabybro was awarded by the town council an order of merit on behalf of Strzelce Krajeńskie.
  • During the visit, delegation from Aabybro, together with the representatives of the Town Council, had planted a tree of friendship on the square in front of the Town Hall. Furthermore, a symbolic opening of "Little Masuria" water trail took place.
  • 6-10 September - a group of 40 inhabitants of Aabybro took part in the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of co-operation within the framework of the project named: "Cultural diversity as the basis for the national identity of unifying Europe" (from the "Twin Towns" program).
  • The folk band from Biersted and the local bands from Strzelce Krajeńskie added splendor to the concert in order for the tenth anniversary. Also, the members of the folk band became familiar with the local agriculture and visited work places such as the local factory of dairy products, Spartherm Company, POM Company and the summer camp in Długie.
  • 27-30 September - a group of 32 inhabitants of Aabybro visited Strzelce Krajeńskie in order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of "Gaudium" choir. The delegation paid a visit to the local work places and was warmly greeted by the nursery school pupils.


The most important events in 2004:

  • 17-21 June - the residents and the representatives of the local government met during "Euro-Picnic Strzelce 2004" - the first European Days of Partnership Co-operation. Painters, sculptors and a dancing group from Biersted were members of the delegation from Aabybro led by the Mayor Ole Lykkegard Andersen. The exhibition in order for Hans Christian Andersen's bicentenary birthday anniversary, borrowed from the museum in Odense, drew particular attention of the viewers.
  • 27 June - 4 July - a visit of the youth band representing the School of Music from Aabybro. The members of Jurek's Band were the hosts of the visit.
  • Close on a 15-member group gave concerts for residents of Strzelce Krajeńskie. The band was also familiarized with the tourist attractions of our district and with the music and artistic training system of youth and children.
  • 1-3 October - a 40-member delegation from Strzelce Krajeńskie, led by the Mayor Romuald Gawlik, took part in the Tourist-Economic Fair of Partnership Towns during which the Polish-Danish debates were held.
  • The 25th anniversary of the choir from Aabybro was celebrated during the fair. "Gaudium" choir from Strzelce Krajeńskie, together with other choirs from partnership towns of Aabybro, added splendor to the celebrations. A stall presenting tourist and natural attractions of Strzelce Krajeńskie, as well as products of our companies and hotels' offers, was popular with both fair's participant and Aabybro's residents.


  • 3-6 October - a 24-member delegation from Strzelce Krajeńskie visited Aabybro in order to participate in a course concerning agriculture.
  • During the visit, the participants were familiarized with Danish and Union agricultural system, the principles of farms management were presented and the rules of receiving subsidies were explained. The farmers had an opportunity to see how farms and various companies supporting agriculture function.


  • 2-5 February - over 50 amateur artists from all over Denmark visited Aabybro.
  • Henryk Grudzień, Stefan Szymoniak and Grzegorz Karkoszka - amateur artists from Strzelce Krajeńskie district - took part in the event and had an opportunity to exhibit their works.
  • The representative of Aabybro district, Sonia Jensen, and two of the Danish painters, Vibeke Leighton and Trine Schultz, provided efficient organization of the event, thanks to which our artists had an opportunity to explore Aalborg - the fourth largest city in Denmark - and beautiful beaches of the North Sea.
  • 28 April - 1 May - EURO-PICNIC
  • Euro-Picnic was organized for the third time by the local community center and the Town Hall. The representatives of our partnership towns took an active part in the event, during which painting, pottery and art photography exhibitions were held.
  • The stalls promoting the partnership towns were, as usual, popular with the viewers.
  • 30 April - the delegations of our partnership towns took part in the European Procession, which was considered the most colorful part of the event.
  • May 2006 - two local football teams from Strzelce Krajeńskie, playing in Łucznik's colors, took part in the International Football Championship in Aabybro.
  • 25th anniversary of Aabybro Rotary Club - the representatives of Rotary Club Association from Strzelce Krajeńskie, led by Ryszard Kiedrowski, visited Aabybro. Jan Witko and Zbigniew Marcinkiewicz took part in the anniversary celebrations.
  • 2-9 July - a 12-member Gospel Choir, from the School of Music in Aabybro, visited Strzelce Krajeńskie.
  • The young singers gave concerts in the summer camp in Długie and became familiar with the tourist attractions of Strzelce Krajeńskie and its vicinity.
  • The singers from Aabybro participated in the international gospel workshops in Szprotawa.
  • 27-29 September - a delegation of 14 led by the Mayor Ole Lykkegard Andersen,the Mayor of Aabybro district until 1 January 2007, visited Strzelce Krajeńskie. It was the last visit of Ole Lykkegard Andersen as the Mayor.
  • The delegation participated in the opening of the exhibition concerning the history of Strzelce Krajeńskie. Also, the authorities of both districts took part in a formal meeting, during which Ole Lykkegard Andersen and Sonia Jensen were awarded by the Town Council an order of merit on behalf of Strzelce Krajeńskie.
  • During the meeting, changes that will occur in Denmark since 1 January 2007 were presented. Moreover, current, as well as future co-operation of both districts was discussed.
  • 21 November - councilors of the new Jammerbugt district adopted a resolution on further co-operation with Strzelce Krajeńskie district.
  • 1 December - Tadeusz Feder- the newly chosen Mayor of Strzelce Krajeńskie - was sworn into office.
  • 31 December - the last day of the formal co-operation with Aabybro district.