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The tombstone epitaph of Wolf von Bornstedt from Ogardy

Soon, in the St. Stanislaus Kostka parish church in Ogardy a tombstone epitaph of Wolf von Bornstedt will be installed, after having been renovated. The stone is covered with an inscription dedicated to the late von Bornstedt.

Wolf von Bornstedt was one of the owners of the village of Ogardy. He was born in 1561. His parents were Melchior von Bornstedt, and Perpetua von Rohwedel of Krzęcin. Von Bornstedt was first mentioned in 1571 as the future heir of the lands in Ogardy, Wołogoszcz, Ługi and Gilów. A document dating back to 1572 states that he owned around 95 hectares of land in Ogardy as well as abandoned fields in Pielice. In 1608 both Wolf and Hans were registered, together with their cousin Asmus von Bornstedt of Długie. Von Bornstedt's date of death remains unknown. It is assumed that the tombstone was created soon after his death, in the first half of the 17th century.

The monument is a rectangle sized 176 x 86 x 12 centimeters, and is made of sandstone. The inscription honors von Bornstedt and quotes a fragment of the Holy Bible. Until 1964, the tombstone was located in church, after that, it was moved to the churchyard.

The historical monument was seriously damaged not long ago- it was broken into three pieces, with partial decrements and unclear fragments of the inscription. Moreover, the stone has been exposed to the damaging influence of humic acids, thus, highly salinated and covered with oily substances.

During conservation works the stone was cleared, all the pieces integrated, missing fragments duplicated, and desalinated. Surprisingly, a new inscription, put on the side of the tombstone was discovered, dedicated to The Savior.

Wolf von Bornstedt's epitaph is one of the oldest historical monuments of this type in the northern part of the Lubuskie Voivodeship. A similar tombstone, dedicated to another member of the von Bornstedts, who died in 1641, was found in the parish church of Dobiegniew.

The renovation works were led by doctor Henryk Zyzik from Szczecin, after many efforts of the Roman Catholic Parish in Ogardy and the Town Hall of Strzelce Krajeńskie. The venture would not have been possible if it weren't for the participation and kindness of the residents of Ogardy.