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General information

The town's cultural activities are executed by the Strzelce Culture Center, the Municipal Library, and the societies.

For a few dozens of years the Strzelce Culture Center has been the main organizer of cultural activities. It provides the residents with numerous sections to enable realizing their passions.

The leading cultural events in the area have recently been The Strzelce Fair. Another key event taking place here is the "Strzelce Fair" which looks to antique markets and fairs. In the Old Town Square craftsmanship exhibitions, knight's tournaments, music group presentations and contests for the best medieval tahoma outfits are organized.

Moreover, the Strzelce Culture Center is also the organizer of many regular, occasional and jubilee artistic events. Also, the culture center runs the Cantus Decus choir, the Krajna Folk Dance Group with its music band, as well as numerous youth music groups.

Equally interesting are actions lead by the local cultural societies. These institutions organize art exhibitions, concerts and music feasts popularizing local culture and traditions. Numerous amateur and professional artists, whose works are exhibited both nationwide and abroad, create their works within the confines of these institutions.     

Cultural events are also organized by the State Music School, which is also home to the Music Society. Regular concerts of the Poznań Philharmonics take place in there. Moreover, the school educates a choir, and a chamber orchestra. Another choir works within the confines of the Gaudium Choral Society.

Similar forms of activities are lead by the Lemko Culture Center-"Lemko Tower", associating the ethnic minority of the Lemkos. The society works both with children, youth and adults organizing the series of Evenings of the Lemko Culture, music feasts, bonfires and common concerts of Polish and Orthodox Church choirs.