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The Lubuskie Masuria


The project has been implemented since the 1990s, together by the communes of Strzelce Krajeńskie and Dobiegniew. The water trail marked out within "The Lubuskie Masuria" in the area of our commune begins in Długie by Lake Lipie. Afterwards, the trail passes to Lake Słowa, being on the border of the two communes, and carries on through a channel to Lake Osiek. Then, it follows the Mierzęcka Struga River to Lake Wielgie Dobiegniewskie. Damming up water in Lage Wielgie, deepening and broadening the banks of the Mierzęcka Struga River is the following stage of the project's implementation. Thus, using the system of passes and channels, it will be possible to reach the Drawa and the Noteć Rivers. As a result, the total length of the trail would amount to 75 kilometers, and it would cover a similar area to the Augustów Lakeland. Finally, down the two rivers it would be possible to reach the Warta River to the Oder River to the Baltic Sea or through the Havel Channels to Berlin. The Lubuskie Masuria sailing route was granted the status of one of the brand products of the Lubuskie Voivodeship in 2008.

In 1997 in Długie, by Lake Lipie, the first Sailor's Song Festival "Keja" was organized. Since then, it became the region's leading cultural event, taking place yearly, at the beginning of August. It is held in the most important place of The Lubuskie Masuria.