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Country: Germany
Town: Angermunde (www.angermuende.de)
Mayor: Frederik Bewer

Agreement signed on May 11, 1994

Based on earlier signed agreement, the co-operation began in the seventies. After political, social and economical events, which followed and changed the course of history in both countries, new co-operational agreement was signed in 1994. Thanks to this co-operation some projects are implemented within the scope of the "Pro Europa Viadrina Euroregion".

Originated more or less from 1233, Angermunde is located about 80 km towards north-east from Berlin. The Old Town, which is the most precious historic site in Angermunde and has been considerably restored since 1990, reflects incessant development of the town from the Middle Ages. For this modernization has Angermunde won domestic and international prizes. Lively and spitting image of the town is obtained thanks to being located on public places, such arts as erratic block sculptures at Mundesee Lake and themarketplace's fountain, which facetiously portrays life in a small city. Every second year the international symposium for sculptors is organised by the town. The artists create interesting works of art. made from erratic blocks which were moved from Scandinavia to northern parts of Germany during the last Ice Age.

Not only the Municipality of Angermunde possesses places worth seeing, the neighbour regions are able to supply many nice experiences, too. Angermunde is located between the reserve of biosphere called " Schorfheide - Chorin" and the national park called "Unteras Odertal" (the lower valley of the Oder River), which both constitute huge reserves of beautiful nature with rare species of flora and fauna. The inquiry centre- NABU Blumberger Muhle is located on the edge of municipality and on its 14 ha area, full of natural impressions, presents a multimedial exhibition of environmental protection. Visitors can reach to Angermunde either by rail (Berlin-Szczecin ) or by road - A11 route or B2.

Mayor Frederik Bewer