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Country: Germany
Town: Tornesch ( www.tornesch.de)
Sabine Kählert

Date of signing the agreement: June12th, 2002

The twin town Tornesch is situated in the north of Germany in the land of Schleswig Holstein, near Hamburg. The town is inhabited by 13.000 residents and the commune covers an area of 2062 ha. The total length of roads and streets reaches 113 km, 3,65 km of which are motorways and 55,5 km are complex roads. The commune of Tornesch is located centrally in the district of Pinneberg, thus, being an attractive place in terms of economy and industry. Housing conditions are favorable, and the youngsters are provided with a sufficient number of places in kindergartens and all kinds of schools in the area. The town and the area offer a great range of goods in its shops.

Owing to low land taxes and other advantages offered by the commune plenty of venturers settled their companies in the area. Convenient location of the roads enables quick commuting both by car and by bus (it is only 27 km to the city center) and other neighboring towns. The areas along the motorway near Tornesch still offer spaces for industry which are sold by WEP- an association for supporting, developing and planning of economy. Other industrial areas in the commune will soon be available.

The commune gives employment to 4.558 people with 3.859 (84,7%) commuting. 2.889 people are employed in Tornesch itself, with 2.190 (75,8%) commuters. The industrial structure looks as follows: stationery, confectionery, machine industry, building and crafts.

Tornesch has four school which educate 1427 students at present. The town offers plenty of possibilities for leisure activities both for the students and for elderly. Youth c enter, numerous playing fields and playgrounds for the youngest are not the only ones to help them spend their free time. There are many societies and clubs which give more opportunities for spending free time for people of all ages.

The so called Local Parliament is elected every five years by the residents of Tornesch. Thus, the area of the commune is divided into 12 constituencies. The local authorities are composed of 12 members chosen in the elections and 11 representatives chosen as an opposition. In the light of the constitution the communes have the right to decide about the so called Self-governing when it comes to certain tasks.